November 25, 2017 – Licking My Wounds, Drowning My Sorrows with Myanmar Beer

After the race, I couldn’t bare to lie down or even sit down — the sudden muscle spasms that locked in place and shot pain through my calves and then through my body were predictable only insomuch as they DIDN’T happen when I was walking around.  So I tried to just walk the streets of New Bagan for a bit.

I found myself grabbing a cold, 500 kyat Coke Zero from a Myanmar-ian five and dime store (or should I call it a “500 and 1000 Kyat” store?) — they had just about everything under the sun… and then some.  I was tempted by this toy because as I told folks via email, I had gotten tired of candy-assed regular 3-D motion.

Eventually, I found myself searching for a better lunch option than the not-too-tasty chicken satays they had at the finish line.  I was lucky to find Mar Lar Thein Gi Restaurant, a place I can only describe as defying the golden triangle of business.  It was good, cheap, AND fast — no need to pick two.

I had an eggplant curry, white rice, and a Coke Zero for 2500 kyat… or less than the cost of that Coke Zero the other day at Eden BBB.

It was so good, cheap, and fast, that I went back for dinner and had a pork and eggplant curry with a large bottle of Myanmar beer for 6000 kyat.  I was drowning my sorrows and killing the pain with food and drink… and optimism.  Don’t forget the Myanmar Beer optimism.  Always brimming with the optimism that lager.