‘Twas The Night Before – I Have A Bad Feeling About This (and I Really Shouldn’t)

No matter how many of these things I do, I always have a bit of nervous anxiety overload the night before a race.

Tonight is the night before a 10K down in Disneyland as part of their Rebel Challenge Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend.  I’ve got my running gear laid out, a bag of clothes to change into post-race if need be, a towel to sit on if not as I drive back, and in this case a jacket I bought but neglected to try on at the expo.  I’m hoping to exchange it tomorrow but that requires sitting around for a few hours post 10K before the Expo opens.  As a result, I’ve added a kindle and iPad to my “go bag” to entertain myself as I wait.  Funny thing to think about — I’m packing entertainment for going to Disneyland.  What a weird day I’m having.

I feel like I’m forgetting something but I can’t for the life of me think what it is.  Sometimes that feeling of not knowing what you’ve forgotten is far worse than dealing with whatever was forgotten.  That isn’t quite worded right but you get the gist I hope — call it the coward dies a thousand times while the brave die but once corollary.  Corollary?  I keep using that word… I do not think it means what I think it means.

Anyhoo, the worst part about the ill-fitting jacket, besides my kinda loving the design but hating the way it look on me, is that I had plenty of time to try it on.  There was about an hour and a half wait just to get into the merchandise tent to buy stuff at the expo.  To entertain us, they played the blu-rays of the original Star Wars trilogy… but they were the EXTRA-SPECIAL EDITIONS featuring the wrong celebration on Endor and a revised “Anakin” Ghost.  Return of the Jedi will always end with Yub Nub for me.  Always.  The Han Shot First thing for Episode IV is one thing, but to cut Yub Nub?  C’mon, George.  I love you, I do, but give me back my Yub Nub!

Not My Ending

Nonetheless, I did the expo yesterday and here are a few pics from in and around the event.  The running shirts are pretty good this year and despite having too much stuff I still bought a few extra things.  I’m a sucker for Star Wars I guess.


IMG_6413 IMG_6466 How We Roll