Call Me Curly?

Somewhere along the road I met a fellow Kevin runner. Kevin Brosi is the founder and president of the Marathon Globetrotters running club.

We’ve chatted here and there, first at a Mainly Marathon series and then, gosh, I’ve lost track of where we last met up. But he asked me why I hadn’t joined the group yet. And the reason was as mundane as it gets — it was a lot of “digital paperwork” to sign up as one needed to provide online links to results for verification purposes. It’s not a difficult task, just tedious to track down the links and get them posted. And unfortunately the initial signup required putting in five races in one go… and the last time I tried doing it I got interrupted or distracted and there was no “save your place” option. Discouraged at having to re enter the information I had sourced a second time, I just kept putting it off.

But as I prepped for the trip to Madagascar, it seemed like a good time to do the work… and as of a few days ago, Sweet Georgia Brown!, I’m officially a provisional member.

I’ve updated RunKevinRun’s membership page accordingly.  And I’ve input my other races at since they sent me my certificate so we’ll see what my country tally is here in short order.

By my count with Madagascar it will be 20 countries that I’ve run a marathon in.  In which I’ve run a marathon?  I should rewrite that sentence because it’s not grammatically correct — dangling participles, ending with a preposition and all that.

But I’m not going to.