Rough roads ahead…

While it would no doubt be banned as a performance enhancement drug, I kinda wish there was a NyQuilian runner’s drink. It probably already exists as Red Bull or Powerade or some such. But I could use a run time sniffling, sneezing, coughing, achy, so you didn’t rest and now need to run a marathon medicine.

I don’t know if it’s the windowless capsule cabin of this hotel, um, room. Or if it’s the bed mattress that isn’t much more forgiving than a gravel trail bed. But I’m struggling with jet lagged dreamless sleep and psychological worries about a whole mess of logistics – a few related to today’s race and A LOT related to Tokyo, tax returns, and all things tomorrow. It’s a troubling way to head out to a marathon. Hopefully the chilly Kyoto morning and the run itself will get me into a better headspace.

On the plus side, our gyoza was delicious last night – a cornucopia of several courses of dumplings!

For the record – we skipped the pig innards.

And now – to the shuttle bus!