It begins again…

I’ve never been a huge fan of new years. It’s always a bunch of buildup to a fizzle of a thing. There’s a pessimistic and an optimistic way of looking at the new year in running — I suppose it’s a case of looking at it like the the glass is empty or is ready to be filled.

So when I click on and pull up my results for 2016 and see there are zero, it’s either a big sigh at how quickly the accomplishments of the last 52 weeks are swept aside or a deep breath of anticipation at the new adventures that await to fill up that page.

I vacillate between the two. Just like there are days I vacillate between looking forward to going for a run and days when I have to forcibly drag myself out onto the road and will my legs to move.

Regardless of how I may be feeling, it’s time to get this started. So it begins again….

Screenshot 2016-01-01 06.44.38