2022 – So That Happened…?

Tradition and social pressure has the turn of the calendar to a new year serve as moment to look back and to hopefully look ahead.

I think we all expected this year to be infinitely better than the past few years.

Some act as if the pandemic is over and the world is back to normal, whatever that means.  I think we have a long way to go and an ever shorter time to get there.

Whether it’s a melancholia due to age and passage of time or an anxiety over a creeping selfish meanness in the universe, something of which I myself am guilty of far too often, looking back on 2022 I find myself filled with regrets and frustrations. I keep telling myself to find the silver linings, to find the good in the world, in myself, but some days it’s just so damn hard.

But traditions are a thing, so here’s a lookback at the bibs of 2022, whatever that’s worth…

Here’s hoping 2023 is better for us all.