Bye, Bye, Du-Bai! (To The Tune of ‘Bye, Bye, Birdie’)

Bags are packed and checked in. Seats assigned. Sitting in the airport waiting to board. I ran this morning a short-ish 6 miler as I’ll be sitting for quite some time.

I’m leaving on a jet plane for Johannesburg. And to get there, I’m flying through Dubai. I think Mom is more excited about flying through Dubai than seeing a lion on safari… Well, maybe *equally* excited. I’m glad she’s up for this adventure.


I only recently checked out the course nap and elevation chart for this forthcoming weekend’s Big Five Marathon.

image image

It would appear I may have underestimated the hills.  But considering I’ve survived two other adventure races with Albatros, the first at The Great Wall of China and then at Petra, I’m sure whatever the terrain I’ll be glad to have done it.  I just may NOT be glad to be doing it.

I’ve packed an old pair of running shoes to run in and then leave behind as I assume the dirt, sand, and bLessing the rains down in Africa may be their last hurrah.

So this may not be a PR course; there does not appear to be a second BQ in my future.  It would seem it’s gonna take some time to do the things we never had.

I’m ok with that.  As I’m off on a new adventure!