November 22, 2017 – Stray Notes On Travels with Kevin (7:51 AM Update)

A note on the Traveling RunnersBe (as in “Runners Be Crazy!” … although it’s really a retcon’d attempted to cover for a failed Traveling Wilburys riff): Albatros Adventures has assigned us into three groups – D, E, and F.  I’m been too intimidated to ask what happened to the A, B and C groups.  Perhaps today I’ll screw my courage to the sticking place and see if I can get to the bottom of this non-mystery mystery.

A second note on the Traveling RunnersBe: There are some folks I’ve seen and run with before.  A couple from Madagascar (Linda and Bill) who said they remembered my Mom and that’s what made them recall me.  There’s a woman from Orlando who I met in Antarctica (Margaret).  A few other familiar faces.  It’s amazing to think that when you’re on these crazed runcations to far flung places you’re bound to bump into other travelers.  It’s a reminder of how small the running community and indeed the world can be.

I should have gone for a run and indeed it’s actually a lot less humid here in Mandalay than it was in Yangon.  But I just couldn’t muster that.  But here’s a pic from this morning’s constitutional.  My iPhone doesn’t do it justice, but:

Note: It’s not Abby Road.  Nor is it Monastery Road.  But 19th Street will do just fine, Mandalay.  Just fine.